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Medical Tubing & Custom Extrusion

Silicone Extrusion

  • All medical-grade silicones from NuSil, Dow Corning, Momentive, Wacker, and Elkem.
  • Extrusion Sizes from 0.15mm/.006 inches ID to 38.1mm/1.5 inches OD.
  • Extrusion capabilities include: Single Lumen, Multi-Lumen, Braid Reinforced, Cord, Color Stripe, Close Tolerance, Profiles and Tapes.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for precision cut lengths.
  • Striping capabilities for part identification, x-ray opacity, or other needs.
  • Inline laser marking without adding ink or material to the extrusion.
  • For critical applications Helix iMC™ technology will continuously measure the inner geometry of silicone tubes.
  • HelixTwist™ multi-lumen tubing for minimally invasive and cardiac applications.
  • PharmaFocus® Premium tubing for biopharma fluid processing and single-use applications.
  • HelixMark® off-the-shelf tubing for pharmaceutical and medical device applications.
  • HelixMark® Opaque Tubing for photosensitive drugs and light sensitive fluids.  

Thermoplastic Tubing / Extrusion

  • Materials include: Polyurethane, PEEK, PET, Pebax, Nylon(polyamide), Polyolefin, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, FEP, PFA, PVA.
  • Extrusion Sizes from .2mm/.008 inches ID to 20mm/.787 inches OD and tolerances as low as +/-.0065mm/.00026 inches.
  • Extrusion capabilities include: Single-Lumen, Multi-Lumen, Co-Extrusion, Multi-Layer, PEEK, Profiled (lumens or outer profile), Thin-Walled, Balloon Tubing, Braided and Coil Reinforced Tubing, Bump or Taper Tubing, Striped Tubing (radiopaque or colored), Wire Coating.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly equipment.
  • Striping capabilities for part identification, x-ray opacity, or other needs.