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Hypotubes & Micro-Component Solutions

Providing the most advanced technology and assemblies

Freudenberg Medical provides high precision, technologically advanced hypotubes, assemblies, and micro-component solutions to manufacturers of catheters, stent delivery systems, structural heart delivery systems and other minimally invasive devices used in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

We can supply any volume from prototype to high volume production from our fully integrated and highly automated manufacturing facility. All manufacturing processes are performed under one roof resulting in optimal responsiveness and thereby delivering products with the highest standards of quality and safety into the customer’s products.

Download our essential guide to hypotube design to learn how to optimize your hypotube component and create the highest performing access or delivery catheter for your medical device.

Products & Services

Freudenberg Medical develops and manufactures technically advanced hypotube/catheter shafts delivering the highest levels of performance in terms of torque, track-ability, flexibility, lubricity, inflate and deflate times, and kink resistance.  We also produce high precision, micro-component solutions and tube/wire assemblies utilizing the most advanced technologies within the medical device industry.

Our hypotube and metal catheter shaft assemblies are integrated into product solutions for cardiovascular, structural heart, peripheral vascular, electrophysiology and neurovascular applications.

Additionally, we provide unique product solutions to optimize your hypotube design and associated development process.

Capabilities include:

  • Product Development
  • Laser Cutting (skive, straight, spiral, stent)
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Marking/Ablation
  • EDM & ECM
  • Grinding, Swaging, Flaring, Bending, and other fabrication processes
  • Passivation, Electro-polishing, and advanced cleaning processes
  • PTFE Coating & non-PTFE with Cambus Coat™ advanced application technology
  • Injection Molding
  • Pad Printing
  • Assembly 

Materials & Innovation

Freudenberg Medical works with standard materials such as 304 & 316 Stainless Steel, Nitinol, and other exotic alloys.  As minimally invasive devices evolve, so do the performance characteristics of one of the catheter’s most critical components, the hypotube shaft.   Hypotube characteristics such as torque, track-ability, push-ability, flexibility, lubricity, kink resistance, and inflation and deflation times are but some of the critical features affecting the ultimate performance required by physicians.

Over-Coating and Over-Jacketing

In over-coating/over-jacketing, a core mandrel or hypotube (can be a braided component, profiled mandrel or hypotube) is fed through an extruder to coat a layer of thermoplastic polymer.  Freudenberg Medical can provide coatings as thin as 0.001", depending on size of substrate. We can overjacket laser cut hypotube for balloon catheter applications also. Freudenberg Medical works with numerous materials, including but not limited to Polyurethane, Pebax®, Polyamides, and various Blends.

Customer Testimonials

Learn why the largest medical device OEMs across the world turn to Freudenberg Medical for high-quality, innovative hypotube solutions, delivered with efficiency.

We prioritize an excellent customer service experience for all customers.

Director of Materials, Medical Device OEM - Peripheral Vascular, West Coast USA

“Having spent years working on advanced catheter projects, with some of the biggest names in the industry, I can unreservedly state that Freudenberg Medical is the best catheter development and manufacturing partner I have ever worked with.

The Navigate™ program enabled us to trim months off project timelines and helped bring our products to market significantly faster than any of their competitors.  I highly recommend involving them from the earliest phases of your product development process and expect that whether working with their co-founders, highly skilled engineers, or customer service staff that you will be amazed by their superior technical support and dedication...”

Senior Purchasing Manager, Top 3 Medical Device

"They focus on process technology and automation, which is important because that is the path we are trying to get other suppliers onto as well …”

VP of Medical Technologies, Neurovascular, USA

“I think they have been successful because of their flexibility, their customer service and in some areas they are more competitive in price as well. Flexibility and quality were the two main capabilities that allowed them to get in the door …”

Managing Director Ireland-USA, Cardiology Medical Device Company

"They have a lot of connections in the market, and the reputation that Freudenberg Medical has generated over the last couple of years is very positive. They have established themselves as a highly technical supplier in quite a niche market”…

Managing Director, Minimally Invasive Medical Device OEM Australia

"They are fast and responsive, and they have responded positively to the problems we have run into. They don’t point fingers, and I think their ability to react positively to problems is a very big selling point for me …”