Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Lean Manufacturing

For medical devices and components

“The Lean Enterprise” is a principle that Freudenberg Medical applies to every business practice across all 11 facilities worldwide. We adhere to a proprietary process called “GROWTTH®”.  GROWTTH® stands for “Get Rid of Waste Through Team Harmony.”

The 30 year old, company-wide program strives to eliminate waste, optimize value-added activities, and shrink lead times through the use of tools such as Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, and 3P.

If you work with us, you’ll see that our philosophy permeates the entire organization from the development of customer requirements to the completion of a finished product.  We work side by side with customers to define processes and procedures that reduce lead-time, create a balanced workflow, and meet demand while achieving exceptional quality.

Freudenberg’s “GROWTTH®” Manufacturing process include:

  • Patented, proprietary processes, methodologies and data systems used to evaluate manufacturing process and location to optimize performance
  • Global communication planning to drive quality and efficiency throughout the product lifecycle
  • Integrated global project teams include management, engineering, financial, regulatory, and manufacturing specialists
  • Consistent quality and tracking standards across all 11 global locations