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Product Solutions

Proactively Developed Solutions for Accelerating Your Time to Market

Whether you’re looking to private label a new and innovative device, improve your next generation catheter and delivery system, or reduce time when building new feature sets into your products, Freudenberg Medical’s growing portfolio of finished device, design and process solutions can meet your needs.

  • Finished, white label medical devices that can be readily incorporated into commercial product portfolios


    Device Solutions

  • Component and subassembly solutions that can be directly incorporated into new and next gen product development projects to facilitate shorter development times and lower development costs


    Design Solutions

  • COMPOSITE CATHETER SHAFTS - High performance, low profile, kink resistant, braid and/ or coil reinforced catheter shafts. Adaptable for custom applications and specifications.


    Process Solutions

  • Freudenberg Medical has developed an innovative solution which enables customers to create medical devices that improve clinical outcomes. In addition to several other applications – this product may be used for the transmission of contrast media (under high pressure) throughout the vascular system.


    High Pressure Tubing

  • Finished, medical devices that can be readily developed with a private label and incorporated into commercial product portfolios


    Finished Devices

  • The Composer’s customization ready, modularized “plug and play” versatility can help companies cut down project lead times and costs when adding next generation features into their product lines.


    Composer® Handle Platform

  • Our innovative family of hemostasis valves provide a wide range of options for integration and facilitation of vascular access including large bore and complex procedures


    Hemostasis Valves

  • Composite catheter shaft, hypotube, and advanced extrusion solutions expand design options, enhance material and device performance with established manufacturing processes that can speed development of advanced features.


    Composite Catheter Shafts

  • Freudenberg Medical manufactures ready to ship components in thermoplastic and platinum-cured silicone.


    Molded Products