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Finished, white label medical devices that can be readily incorporated into commercial product portfolios.

Composer® Steerable Introducers

Composer Steerable Introducers were developed to provide innovative ergonomic and clinical solutions for a wide range of electrophysiology, structural heart and vascular applications. 

  • Next gen composite shaft designed for improved torque, deflection response, kink resistance, bi-directional deflection durability and stability 
  • Smooth, continuous transition between dilator and sheath tip for improved crossing 
  • 8.5Fr and 12Fr applications ready for private label and regulatory development 
  • Custom sizes, lengths and configurations are also available for development

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FlexSeal® and HyperSeal® Introducer Sheaths offer state of the art product design and robust clinical solutions to help your organization quickly meet increasing market demands in large bore procedures.

Flexseal® Introducer Sheath

Adjustable and easy to use valve designed for robust hemostasis and valve durability, exceptional kink resistance and superior trackability. 

  • 12Fr to 26Fr applications ready for private label and regulatory development 



Hyperseal® Introducer Sheath

Incorporates an automatically adjusting hemostasis valve that constantly adapts to minimize drag and maintain hemostasis. Uses the same high performance shaft and dilator as the FlexSeal® Introducer Sheath 

  • 12Fr to 20Fr applications ready for private label and regulatory development 


Flow Switch

Designed to be used to control the movement of blood and contrast media between cycles of high pressure infusion, reducing the possibility of contamination.

  • Withstand a flow rate of 1200 psi in the open position.
  • Audible click when it is switched from the on/off position.