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Drug Coating

Combination products and coatings with controlled drug delivery

Freudenberg Medical is the leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) of device drug combination products (DDCP) and an innovator in the field of drug delivery coatings. Our proprietary coating platforms and process knowledge can be applied and customized to virtually any unique device design. These coatings reliably deliver a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients with a desired release profile that ensures optimal clinical performance.

We have extensive experience in customization and volume production of DDCP for the following applications:

  • Drug-eluting stents
  • Drug-coated balloons
  • Drug delivery coatings for non-vascular implants

In controlled clinical studies and real-world clinical practice, Freudenberg Medical drug coatings have been proven to improve the clinical effectiveness and safety of device drug combination products.

Drug Coated Balloons

Drug-coated balloon (DCB) technology is opening up unforeseen options in vascular medicine. DCB’s have become the standard of care in peripheral vascular interventions. We have achieved pioneering work when it comes to high-performance, low-dose balloon coatings by tailoring coating composition, excipient and process technology to optimally deliver the unique anti-restenotic drug Paclitaxel. Many DCB concepts co-developed in collaboration with prestigious customers have been granted regulatory approval and are now successfully established in clinical routine.  In pursuit of the perfect DCB, new generations of balloon coatings have entered advanced-stage development, aiming to further optimize DCB performance in challenging interventions and ultimately improving patients´ quality of life.

For more information on our Drug Coating Solutions and Device Drug Combination Products, please visit the website of our joint venture partner Hemoteq.

Freudenberg Medical offers a variety of surface coating technologies.