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Pioneering new technologies and processes

Helix iMC™ Breakthrough Measurement Technology for Silicone Tubes

In a worldwide first, Freudenberg Medical introduces Helix iMC™, a ground-breaking new technology to continuously measure the inner geometry of silicone tubes. This new technology significantly increases product quality for high precision applications such as pacemaker lead insulation and dramatically cuts down on material usage and process time.

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Electrified Silicone

As a materials specialist Freudenberg Medical has developed a proprietary conductive silicone compound used for both smart therapeutic devices that deliver electrical currents and for ESD shielding of sensitive electronics.  Conductive silicone is ideal for two-shot overmolding applications.  “Our extensive material knowledge helps us identify and modify state-of-the-art materials and enhance them for special requirements,” said Lars Gerding, Technology Director at Freudenberg Medical. 

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HelixTwist™ Multi-Lumen Tubing

A unique multi-lumen silicone tubing technology designed to prevent lumen kinks and blockage by providing an equal balance of stress across the inner and outer lumens as the tube bends. HelixTwist™ tubing is optimal for pacemakers, breathing tubes, neurostimulation and other applications that require navigation through tortuous pathways within the human body.

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Composer® Handle Platform

Composer® Steerable Introducers provide innovative ergonomic and clinical solutions for a wide range of electrophysiology, structural heart, and vascular applications.

Finalist 2019 Freudenberg Innovation Award

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Hemostasis Valves for Vascular Access

Including Large Bore and Complex Applications

Freudenberg Medical holds two patents for the design of these robust, clinically versatile hemostasis valves with adjustable seal. Our innovative family of hemostasis valves provide a wide range of options for integration into new and next generation products, facilitating shorter development times and lower development costs.

As a partner for innovation, we are committed to proactively addressing unmet clinical needs and offering our medical device customers a growing portfolio of finished device, design, and process solutions to help improve efficiency and accelerate their time to market.

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E-Pro® Hypotubes

E-Pro® is an advanced metallurgical hypotube solution offering superior kink resistance over traditional ‘304 stainless steel’, improving navigation through tortuous anatomies. In thin walled tube applications, E-Pro®’s high kink resistance allows for larger internal diameters thus delivering reduced deflation times and improved product performance.

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Custom & Specialty Needles

Freudenberg Medical provides design and product development, manufacturing services and final assembly for needle devices in the clinical areas of fine needle aspiration / fine needle biopsy, minimally invasive delivery systems, and structural heart applications.

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HelixMark® Opaque Tubing

A black-jacketed tubing that is custom extruded to your exact specifications (ID/OD sizing and packaging format) and contains an opaque exterior layer to block all light without touching the fluid path. Ideal for photosensitive drugs and light-sensitive fluids.

Received Bronze Award for Product Innovation at Senetics Innovation Conference in Germany

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