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Advantages of Two-Shot Molding

Two-shot or two-component injection molding adds value for the device maker as they will not have to build and validate two different molds. This process reduces assembly or eliminates it altogether and reduces the amount of part numbers - further simplifying the overall manufacturing process.

Other advantages include:

  • Lower costs with fewer steps, fewer parts, less assembly, and less manual labor
  • Higher quality due to fewer defects, as manual labor leads to defects and potential contamination
  • Reduction in waste
  • Improved quality, aesthetics, and functionality by combining different materials with different physical properties
  • Reduction in cycle time provides faster manufacturing and throughput
  • Combining multiple part performance into one component

Material & Technology Expertise

Freudenberg Medical specializes in the development and manufacture of two-shot components using Arburg injection molding machines, advanced automation, and in-line vision systems.  Expertise over a wide range of material combinations including Thermoplastics, TP Elastomers, and Silicones.

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Solve Medical Design Challenges and Reduce Costs with Two-Component Molding

Device manufacturers count on their supply chain partners for answers. What processes can be adjusted to add value and reduce cost? What methods can be used to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce SKUs, and improve part quality? One way is by moving from single component molding to two-component molding.