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  • Monitoring Belt for Premature Babies

    Freudenberg Medical enables digitalization of smart medical device with innovative silicone solution: The Dutch start-up Bambi Medical has developed the Bambi Belt, an innovative monitoring system for premature babies. The Bambi Belt replaces cumbersome cables and electrodes when monitoring premature babies with a skin-friendly silicone belt with integrated electronic sensors. The soft belt can be put on and taken off without pain or discomfort to the baby, and the sensors integrated into the belt record the baby's vital functions via the skin.

  • Compamed 2023 - Recap

    Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at COMPAMED 2023! We really enjoyed the fruitful discussions and the inspiring exchange with our partners, customers and prospects - we will stay in touch.

  • Latest Innovations in Products and Processing Technologies

    Explore new products and manufacturing innovations from Freudenberg Medical. As a company focused on innovation, Freudenberg continually works to improve processes in order to shorten time to market, reduce waste, and help customers get their products to market quickly.

  • Hypotube & steerable metal shafts for minimally invasive catheters

    Hypotubes and laser processed metal shafts are a critical component across a vast range of minimally invasive catheters - from stent delivery solutions to steerable delivery devices for structural heart, electrophysiology, and neurovascular applications. Explore our know-how in metal shaft, hypotube and micro-component design, development, and manufacturing.

  • Helix iMC™ technology revolutionizes silicone tube production

    Freudenberg Medical has introduced a groundbreaking new technology to continuously measure the inner geometry of silicone tubes called Helix iMC™. Unique to the industry, this innovative measurement system significantly increases product quality and consistency for critical applications and dramatically cuts down on material usage and process time.

  • Drug coated balloon catheters for minimally invasive surgery

    Hemoteq, a company of Freudenberg Medical, produces more than 1,000 drug coated balloon catheters every day. Surgeons use the thin catheters to reach critical constrictions in blood vessels, which they gently dilate with the help of the inflatable balloon. At the same time, its surface delivers an active ingredient. Its special crystal geometry ensures that the drug penetrates deep into the vessel wall. There, the crystals act as a depot. The active ingredient released from them - in the right quantity at the right time - supports the healing process of the blood vessel over several months.

  • Freudenberg Medical’s Composer® Deflectable Catheter Handle Platform

    Freudenberg Medical’s Composer® Deflectable Catheter Handle Platform was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Freudenberg Innovation Awards. The Composer’s customization ready, modularized “plug and play” versatility can help medical device companies reduce project lead times and reduce costs when adding next generation features into their product lines.

  • Silicone and thermoplastic components from Kaiserslautern

    At home in the cleanroom: Freudenberg Medical in Kaiserslautern, Germany, specializes in the production of silicone and thermoplastic components as well as tubing for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The focus is on one of Freudenberg Medical's customers, Bariatric Solutions, a manufacturer of gastric bands for the surgical treatment of obesity.

  • Innovative catheter solutions from Ireland

    VistaMed in Carrick-on-Shannon - a Freudenberg Medical company - is a leading extrusion and catheter supplier to the medical device industry worldwide. VistaMed works with PEEK, polyurethane, polycarbonate, nylon and other thermoplastics and offers single-lumen, multi-lumen, co-extruded, braided and wire-reinforced tubing solutions for complex catheter systems.