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Surface Coatings

Leading the way in surface coating technology

A variety of specialized materials are being used in today’s MedTech environment.  Many of these materials are only made suitable for the intended finished use by applying a customized surface treatment.  These treatments can result in reduced friction, improvement of haptic properties, the introduction of chemical functionalities, and improved medium resistance of the materials.  To meet this growing demand, Freudenberg Medical uses traditional coating methods at all of their global facilities.  These include such methods as wet chemicals and state-of-the-art plasma treatments in order to alter the surface properties of medical components.

Freudenberg Medical is the leading provider of surface coating technologies for medical devices. We develop and manufacture innovative device drug combination products like drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloon catheters.  As an organization, we hold over 100 technology patents in surface modification and drug delivery technologies.  Our services include customized design and process development, prototyping, scalable contract manufacturing, regulatory support, and flexible individualized business models.


Lubricous Coatings

Lubricous coatings on medical devices reduce the adverse effects of dynamic and static friction. The performance, accuracy and durability of components and products is increased.

Freudenberg Medical addresses the growing demand for high-performance hydrophilic coating solutions by offering access to our vast expertise in customized coating design, surface activation, hydrogel chemistry and process development: the Lubriteq™ customization platform.

By applying a systematic customization process to both standard and non-standard substrates, we target maximum coating performance that typically will outperform standard solutions available “off-the-shelf”.  Thanks to integration of proven feasibility study routines and smart iterative design principles, high project success rates and short development times can be achieved.