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E-Pro® Hypotube

E-Pro® is an advanced metallurgical hypotube solution offering superior kink resistance over traditional '304 stainless steel', making navigation through tortuous anatomies faster and safer.

In thin-walled tube applications, E-Pro's® high kink resistance allows for larger internal diameters thus delivering reduced deflation times leading to a better catheter device.

This superior kink resistant E-Pro® hypotube from Freudenberg Medical makes navigation through tortuous anatomies safer.

E-Pro® Hypotube Technical Data

  • Medical grade stainless steel hypotube
  • Greater kink resistance without compromising pushability, trackability, torqueability

Enhanced kink resistance enables:

  • Increase in inner diameter for better inflation/deflation time
  • Thinner walls to maximise trackability
  • Greater push and torque forces for better manoeuvrability
  • More flexiblity improves ‘feel’ of hypotube
  • Improved package set properties

E-Pro® Hypotube Benefits 

  • High kink resistance reduces risk of failure
  • Reduced inflation/deflation times
  • Potential to reduce procedure time, improving patient safety
  • Allows physicians to use higher forces to deliver solution