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Advanced Catheter Extrusions

In combination with many years of expertise in tubing and catheter manufacturing, Freudenberg Medical continuously invests in the latest process technologies.

catheter tubing

This ensures that our capabilities remain best in class to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare industry.

All extrusions are performed in ISO 8 (Class 100,000) clean room facilities.

We produce extruded tubing with OD ranges from 0.2mm (.007”) to 20mm (.787”) and tolerances as low as +/-0.0065mm (0.0002”). 

A comprehensive range of extrusion capabilities are available from Freudenberg Medical. 

  • Single-Lumen
  • Multi-Lumen
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Jacketing
  • Multi-Layer
  • Profiles (lumens or outer profile)
  • Thin Wall Tubing
  • Medical Balloon Tubing
  • Braided and Coil Reinforced Tubing
  • Bump or Taper Tubing
  • Striped Tubing (radiopaque or colored)
  • Wire Coating

catheter tubing

We work with a wide range of materials with different degrees of shore hardness, colour and radiopacity – tailored to your specific needs. 

catheter tubing

  • Polyurethane
  • PEEK
  • PET
  • Pebax
  • Nylon (polyamide)
  • Polyolefin
  • Polyethylene
  • Polycarbonate
  • FEP
  • PCV
  • PFA
  • PVA
  • TPE
  • Polyimide
  • Filled Material
  • Blends
  • Customized Material


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