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Medical Micro Molding & Micro Extrusion

For silicones and thermoplastics

Freudenberg Medical offers HelixMicro™ specialized micro molding and micro extrusion services to medical device OEMs. Our micro capabilities include silicone molded components, weighing as little as .004g, and extruded implantable silicone tubing, scaling as small as .006” ID.  For thermoplastics we offer shot weights ranging from 0.05 to 4 grams in a stand-alone cell, ISO Class 8 cleanroom.  With an advanced finished parts depositing system, molded parts removed by a robot can be deposited separately according to cavity into containers inside the machine.  We use integrated quality inspection with in-process visual inspection and documentation. 


Silicone Molding for dry eye therapies and surgical tools

  • Liquid injection molding (LIM), transfer/compression molding, micro molding, insert molding, over-molding, and two-shot molding – silicone to thermoplastic
  • Expertise in short- and long-term implantable silicones (LSR and HCR)
  • Thin-wall silicone molding

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Silicone Extrusion for long-term implantable and drainage devices

  • Extrusion sizes from .006” ID to 1.5” OD
  • Multi-lumen extrusion (up to 9) and co-extrusion
  • Striping capabilities for part identification, x-ray opacity, or other needs


Thermoplastic Molding for ophthalmic surgery and implantable devices

  • Insert and vertical insert molding over a wide range of materials
  • Two-shot molding – silicone to thermoplastic
  • Implantable micro components in thermoplastics and small components in PEEK

Our broad range of services allows us to tackle projects that require multiple steps and manufacturing processes all under one roof. We effectively utilize our resources to ensure that we deliver the best possible solution to our customers. Our customers trust that we have the molding and extrusion expertise to meet their exacting demands.

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