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Freudenberg Medical Operations Worldwide Now ISO 14001 Certified

Successful global roll-out of state-of-the-art environmental management system

BEVERLY, MASS. – Freudenberg Medical has achieved ISO 14001 certification for all eleven sites in the United States, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, and China. The certification confirms that all Freudenberg Medical operations worldwide meet the highest standards for environmental management and show a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

The final audit was conducted at Freudenberg Medical’s new operation in Beverly, Massachusetts.  This caps a global multi-year effort that involved several hundred employees and represents a significant investment in processes and systems to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

“Freudenberg Medical is a leader in sustainable manufacturing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.  It is our social responsibility to protect the environment and preserve earth’s resources as much as we can,” said Max Gisbert Kley, CEO at Freudenberg Medical. “Sustainability is an important guiding principle of the Freudenberg Group, one that all our associates work hard to live up to.  We are committed to sustainability and have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate.  The completion of the global ISO 14001 certification process is a strong testament to that commitment.”

In a structured management approach Freudenberg Medical is working toward reducing environmental impact and achieving carbon neutrality of its manufacturing activities. Recent key projects include the Carrick-on-Shannon site in Ireland, which optimized its energy efficiency as part of their ISO 50001 energy management system certification.  This project received the “We All Take Care” award for sustainability by parent company, the Freudenberg Group. Additionally, the Indiana manufacturing site partnered with their regional university system for a comprehensive sustainability audit which helped them identify key improvements.

Freudenberg Medical has improved global energy efficiency by 10% within a 12-month period and reduced total waste by 36% in 2021 (waste in tons per sales USD).  Currently, renewable energy sources make up more than 50% of indirect energy used by its manufacturing sites.  Freudenberg Medical also made significant progress in the move to a circular economy model.  As of today, 100% of all silicone and plastic material, which remains unused or needs to be scrapped in the manufacturing process, is being recycled.  In addition, modern production processes like cold and hot runner tooling systems have helped Freudenberg reduce excess raw material usage.

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