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Freudenberg Medical expands coatings business with new production facility

  • Investment of more than 50 million USD to meet growing global demand for drug and hydrophilic coatings for medical devices and components

  • Manufacturing footprint tripled with new 130,000 sq. ft. facility in the Aachen region of Germany

  • Creation of more than 150 new jobs until 2026

June 11, 2024 - Freudenberg Medical announced plans to further expand its drug device combination products business. The company is investing more than 50 million USD in a new Hemoteq AG production facility in Aachen, Germany, one of the most important life science hotspots in Europe.

Through the acquisition of Hemoteq in 2015, Freudenberg Medical expanded its portfolio to include drug coating solutions for balloon catheters and stents as well as hydrophilic coatings. “Hemoteq and Freudenberg joining forces is a great success story,” said Dr. Michael Hoffmann, CEO and founder of Hemoteq, during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new site. “Our business has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. With this new facility, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also reaffirming our roots in the region.”

Vertically integrated solutions to meet customer needs

The company will triple its manufacturing footprint with the new 130,000 sq. ft. facility in Alsdorf, located near the existing site. With its ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, laboratories, and offices it will serve as a hub for research, development, and production, driving innovation in medical coatings.

The predicted global market value of drug device combination products is 180 billion USD annually by the end of the decade. “The convergence of medical devices and drugs is inspiring a new generation of innovative products that fundamentally improve patients’ outcomes,” says Dr. Mark Ostwald, CEO of Freudenberg Medical. “With this innovation driven investment, we are strengthening our position as a strategic partner to our customers, offering vertically integrated solutions along the entire supply chain.”

Commitment to innovation and sustainability

The existing industrial building at the site is currently being converted to meet the highest medical technology as well as environmental and energy efficiency standards. A company-owned PV solar power plant will generate the energy needed to operate the site. Charging stations will enable emission-free commuting, energy recovery from the exhaust air of the clean rooms will be used for heating and an existing heavy oil tank will be converted into a cistern for rainwater utilization. “This brownfield project is a testament for our commitment to innovation and a sustainable future,” said Dr. Peter Hackenschmied, CTO of Hemoteq, “We take over responsibility for the community in which we are at home, as well as for our environment.”

The first employees have been working at the new site since April 2024 in a development cleanroom adjacent to the main building. The site will be fully occupied by the end of 2026. Recruitment for the 150 additional positions in operations and R&D has already begun. With a total area of 440,000 sq. ft., the site offers space for future expansion to reliably serve customers with advanced medical coatings – now and in the future.


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