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Beware of Fraudulent Recruiting

Please beware of fraudulent job postings from people claiming to be recruiters for Freudenberg Medical.

We are aware of job postings being made by people who claim to be recruiters from Freudenberg Medical, even using Freudenberg employee names, but who are in no way affiliated with Freudenberg. We have also been made aware of people posing as Freudenberg recruiters and making contact about job opportunities and extending job offers via text message, instant message or chat rooms. These job postings and offers are fraudulent.

Beware of recruiters that ask candidates to submit unusual personal information like bank statements or utility bills, pay a fee in order to be considered for a job, or pay "start-up expenses" after being hired. Freudenberg does not require candidates to make any type of payment to them as part of the recruitment process or job offer. The Federal Trade Commission, the United States' consumer protection agency, has online resources for detecting job scams.

Positions posted on the Careers site are legitimate. If you find a Freudenberg posting on a site other than our careers website, please verify its legitimacy before applying by visiting the Career Opportunities section of our site and searching for the job title.

If you think you have responded to a fraudulent job posting or been a victim of this scam, you are encouraged to report it to your local law enforcement and to the Internet Crime Complaint Center for further investigation.