Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Drug Coatings

Unique IP Combined with Years of Experience

Systems and coatings with controlled drug delivery

In clinical practice and scientific studies, our drug coatings have been proven to improve the functionality and safety of implants. We have extensive experience in adapting our patented coating platforms, with a range of drugs, to various implant designs for the following applications:

  • Drug Eluting Stents
  • Drug Coated Balloons
  • Customized Drug Delivery Coatings

Drug coatings for balloons and catheters

We have achieved pioneering work when it comes to drug coatings for balloon catheters by advancing the technology of “drug-coated balloons” (DCB). Many DCB concepts developed in collaboration with prestigious customers have now been granted regulatory approval. The “drug-coated balloon" is gaining ever increasing importance on the market and is opening up new options for vascular interventions. We are currently showcasing a new generation of balloon coatings that have been tailored to the specific characteristics of the drug Paclitaxel.

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